Saturday, August 25, 2007

Illinois State University Redbird Volleyball

Morgan and I seem to have a nice new tradition: going to see sporting events together. She has fun just being out, like at the other week's football game, and she is also hoping to play volleyball someday.

She'll try out for the junor high team this year. It is going to be very competitive with 1000 kids in the school. She wanted to see good athletes play the game.

We went to the season opener last night for the Illinois State University Redbirds. They played against #7 nationally ranked Florida Gators. The first two games were easily taken by Florida but ISU really sparked in the third game, leading quite often, only to fall 30-27. So that was three in a row, but they worked hard.

We also got to see the last half of Miami (Ohio) lose to Valparaiso. This is the Redbird Classic tournament and a few games are played in the Redbird Arena here.

It is a lot of fun to sit there with Morgan. She is a bit shy on the cheering side, but that's where I come in and spur her on. It was a blast to do the crowd cheer after ISU scores a point: the announcer says, "Point Illinois State!" then the crowd chimes in altogether with "Point Illinois State Woooooo!" We even got on the Jumbotron thing once. After the game Morgan was then able to have a poster signed by the whole ISU team.

Then a lady in the crowd, out of nowhere, gave us tickets for today's noon game! I think the Redbirds can take Miami (Ohio) so it should be a lot of fun. More later...I'll remember my camera too.

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