Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Teacher Orientation

(Ramblings from my notebook yesterday while at new teacher orientation:)

I will start with and try to maintain a positive attitude. I will try to gleam the best of the information that is given to me. (I had to write that because too many times in previous years I have gotten grumpy at being at things like this. I resolve not to be grumpy anymore.)

Went to New Teacher Orientation at the ROE in Washburn, Illinois, today. Had to sit thru bloodborne pathogen training again. Fun!

Got to start the morning here with coffee and a freshly baked scone. Met the Regional Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. They seemed personable, and I must say, both very on-the-ball. The Super. especially--she was very good. She was thorough yet did not talk to us like babies. Some administrators can talk down to you--I did not get that from her at all.

Today is another reminder that I really have to get prepared for the start of school. Have to do up a new syllabus for both freshmen and seniors. Have to do up my "intro to class" brochure. Have to prepare my new pbwiki site. Have to prepare my first couple weeks of lesson plans.

Two teacher inservice days begin Thursday, August 16, then the first day of school on that Monday.

I am excited to start a brand new year in a brand new place. It's like another adventure in life. With my teaching record now, four districts in three states in six years, I can't say it's dull. However, I do hope that this is the place that I stay. I really like where we're at right now. I raised the scores in Nome by double digits last year, so I am confident in my abilities. Double digits in percentage points. 93% passed the reading part of the Alaska HSGQE and with the Nome population, that's only like 3 students, and that was predicted (unfortunate but predicted). So I know what I'm doing and eager to start anew.

Excellent info by Super. about the strange IL certification system.

Note to self: take practice tests for IL cert tests in September.

Truancy coordinator goes in to talk to kindergartners and fourth graders about importance of going to school. That is an amazing idea, and sounds great. Prevention! They have a system for catching truancies and trying to prevent it. Awesome.

It was great to drive the back country today, on the little county route roads. One was closed for repairs and I had to wind around on an old gravel road. Ain't that America?

Had to also drive up to Lacon to my new school district's office (which I found out had moved to the high school in Varna) to drop off all this preliminary employment paperwork. I had my fingerprints done at the Normal Polic Department yesterday afternoon (and it was free!).

Old Time Radio listened to today:
Jack Benny 10-30-38
Jack Benny 11-13-38
The Bickersons with Don Ameche and Francis Langford "The Honeymoon is Over"
Mysterious Traveler episode from 1957, "Zero Hour" about martians already on earth, planning to invade!

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