Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday games

Well, we lost to Bethel again. Three straight games. Some of it was our error, but a great majority of it was simply getting beaten. This week we need to practice that "swinging gate" where whatever side of the net the hit comes from has the opposite defender come off the net.

But we did beat Kotzebue. Quite handily, another 3-0 win.

Next week is our Mixed 6 tournament, where boy-girl teams from around the area come here. The net gets raised 6 inches to offset all those boys jumping around. Nome will put out four teams. The week after that is our alumni weekend where we will take on previous Nome players. Then I think we will be off for two weeks as Bristol Bay and Hooper Bay, both originally on our schedule, had issues. The first doesn't have enough money to split the cost of sending a team, and the second had its school burn down this summer.

We will face off against Bethel again at their home tournament that they hold every year. Then we will travel to Kotzebue once again for regionals against Kotz and Barrow.

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