Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kotzebue Round One

Round one of the most dreaded rivalry between the Kotzebue Huskies
and the Nome Nanooks goes decisively to NOME!

First of all, the JV we took with us, six in all, played their hearts
out. They ended up losing the first two games by pretty close
margins. Then they chalked it up to nervousness, I guess, because
they came out in the third game and won by almost 15 points. The
fourth game was a blowout too. The deciding fifth game, only to 15
points, was a bit nerveracking at times, especially when it was 10-10
at one point, but the girls pulled it off. I was so proud of them to
force it to a fifth game, coming back from two games down, but they
finished well. Awesome job.

The Varsity was phenomenal. We won in three straight games with
decisive margins. The girls showed up to play, that's for sure. I was
impressed by their ferocity hitting the ball tonight and by their awe-
inspiring serves. Things of beauty. Three straight games. The best
part of all, especially from a coaching perspective, is that
everybody got to play. I managed to rotate in all 11 girls into all
three games. So everybody is happy!!

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