Thursday, October 05, 2006


I am so excited to finally get off the plane in Kotzebue. I have landed there twice now, in that Anchorage-Kotzebue-Nome leg that Alaska Airlines does every day, but I have never physically set foot in Kotzebue. I didn't want this to end up being like my family's trip through Europe while I was in high school--we drove through Luxembourg, but we never got out of the car. I keep thinking about it and I don't think we even rolled down the windows on that chilly day.

So I will be north of the Arctic Circle once again by tomorrow afternoon. We are all so excited and I am, especially, just to start playing some real games. We have been practicing serve receive a ton, working on that transition from receive to attack, but it will be nice to do that in a real game. Plus, I still haven't really figured out my lineup and getting all the girls in. There will be a lot more switching this year but I think I need to see them in a game to really get a feel for how they work together under true game circumstances. Sure, we scrimmage all the time and the losers have to help me clean up, so they do try for the most part, but a real game will give me so much more.

I will take lots of pictures, especially now that I have my digital camera this year.

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