Monday, October 30, 2006

Mixed 6 part 3

Wow, what a tourney!

I should have written this all down on Sunday, but it was so nice to just decompress and watch football and grade the final essays for the first quarter...

Nome took third place in the tournament! Third place in a Mixed 6 tournament! The net is 6 inches higher! We play a team with three boys and three girls! We still managed to take third place. Last year, we only won one game against Shishmaref.

First on Saturday, I already wrote about how we beat Golovin 3-0. Then we had to play White Mountain once again in the loser bracket because they beat the Nome II (JV) team. (Otherwise we would have had to play our own JV!) Then we got matched up again against Unalakleet for the semi-final. We lost the first two games, still to tight scores. Then the girls dug deep down and managed to win game 3 and 4, sending the match into game 5! I may have to admit a slight coaching discrepancy as I messed with the lineup, thinking to keep in some girls who were still hot off the last one in move a couple more in, but they still played very well, however, losing that last game. So that put us in third place for the tournament! Unalakleet then lost to Point Hope, last year's Mixed 6 State Champions (and I believe that Unalakleet was up there in the state tourney too).

But what a great weekend. I was astonished by how well we played.

Next weekend is the Alumni games.

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