Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mixed 6 part 2

My girls were unstoppable this morning, defeating Golovin 3-0!

It's funny, I knew originally the match was supposed to be a best out of five; however, the referees told us during the coin toss that the game was best out of three. We all agreed, both referees and both coaches. So we set off to play as if it was best of three. After winning the first two games, we all shook hands, told each other, "Good game," and most of my girls were back in their sweats and out the door.

They start calling us back. I don't know who originally told them that they needed to keep playing, but I tried to talk them out of it to no avail. My girls were a bit frustrated by it. But they came back and took the third game 25-12 (I think). They played really well.

While we are still in the "loser" bracket, we still have a great chance. We play White Mountain again at 1:45 pm, and we beat them yesterday. We still have a great opportunity. And if they play this well against Mixed 6 teams, I hope they bring it on the court against their regular teams.

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