Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things in Common

This past weekend, I discovered that Morgan really likes horror movies. She apparently really wants to watch 30 Days of Night. I finally found something that my thirteen-year-old and I can share together.

Friday night, we watched the Hitchcock classic The Birds. I gave her an extra good jump at the point where Mr. Fossett had his eyes pecked out. She was genuinely scared. "I knew it was coming and I was still scared!" she said. She thought the ending was a bit of a letdown but I explained to her how Hitchcock left us at the top of the roller coaster. What else could have happened in the movie? She got it.

Saturday night, we watched a couple of the free On-Demand horror movies on the FEARNET button on our Comcast cable. We watched Fright Night, which I thought would be a good and non-gory introduction to vampires. She said she wasn't scared at all and liked The Birds better. Then we watched Bela Lugosi in The Return of the Vampire. It was from 1944 and thus a little slow. It is definitely a precursor to modern vampire movies, but when you are used to flashy 21st century movies, can these compare? (My answer: yes, they can, but tell that to a 13-year-old.)

I added a few more easy horror flicks into my Netflix queue. Poltergeist, for one. I will share Alien with her too. Now I really have to root through some movies to find age-appropriate ones. Can't throw American Psycho at her. I have some research to do.

But it is very nice to have something for the two of us to do.

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