Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Al Gore has opposition.

Weather Channel founder wants to sue Al Gore for fraud in misrepresenting global warming.

Heh heh heh.


Donny said...

So, why doesn't he then?

BTW, this would be the same John Coleman who was one of the biggest idiot weathermen back in Chicago. He also did weather in Omaha and would stand on his head in a barrel while doing his forecast.

He's all talk...he says this, but it's as far as he'll go. It gets him a nice headline...nothing more. Just a senile old man now...get off my lawn!

He knows he could use his money much better by suing George W. Bush and his administration for lying us into an immoral and illegal war and occupation

Matt Butcher said...

Now I remember that name...
I didn't realize it was the same guy.
I just like how Al Gore says these things and then uses his private jet.

Donny said...

The original topic was suing him for fraud. Global warming has already been accepted as reality by the vast majority of all scientists that research has yet to be agreed to by the 10% of those scientists paid by Fox News Channel (and most of them are just glorified weathercasters).

Can you specify how much Al Gore rides on a private jet (he's not filthy rich as far as I know), whose jet is it, what kind it is, and how much pollution it generates? I've seen him stepping off at least a few airliners in cities on the news, so I could say (in my best Sean Hannity impression) "looks like Al Gore always travels on commercial jets".

I'll check in later to see how that lawsuit is coming:)