Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dollar DVDs

I have a very short spring break this year. I thought it was a joke at first when I saw it on the school calendar. Midland's spring break is only Friday through Tuesday. I go back to work tomorrow. It's the first time ever, in my whole history of going to school, that I haven't had an entire calendar week off. I can't complain though because our last day of the year will be May 20th (unless they add in for a snow day--not sure if they have yet). No one can complain for getting out of school by May 20th.

So I have been watching my sizeable Dollar DVD collection the past couple of days. These are movies that I have been putting off watching but with only Morgan in the house, I have the time. No Madison to chase after or "put a show on" for her.

These DVDs all cost $1.00. Only one American dollar. I will try just about any movie for a buck. Some of them have been gems. Some have been bad, but most have been well worth the time. I especially love bad action movies and bad science fiction. One of my favorite movies growing up was Reptilicus with its horrible special effects. I loved Saturday afternoon bad movie matinees on the TV.
The Wasp Woman directed by Roger Corman, no less! In this movie, a scientist has figured out a way of reversing age with wasp enzymes. The only problem is the woman he experiments on over-injects herself and she turns into a Wasp Woman. Great stuff.
Killers from Space starring Peter Graves, directed by W. Lee Wilder (yes, brother to that other famous director). Cool movie that has Peter Graves abducted by eye-popping aliens going to take over the Earth and he is the only one to stop them.
This is Not a Test is another on the four-pack sci-fi movie DVD. That's right, I got a one dollar DVD that had four science fiction movies on it, so they were actually only 25 cents apiece. This was actually a cool psychological thriller that had a cop stop passing motorists preparing to "duck and cover" in a semi trailer to avoid a nuclear war. While that was extremely laughable--hiding in a semi to avoid nuclear war--the actual premise about how these strangers get along and get scared was kind of interesting, especially in a 1950s environment.
This is the four pack. I have two of these with different movies.
She Gods of Shark Reef is also directed by Roger Corman. This was one of two movies on a Dollar DVD double feature. Really bad. Really bad, although the Hawaiian 1950s scene is cool atmosphere.

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