Tuesday, March 18, 2008

McCain 2008 Basketball Brackets


Comments from Matt:

Sign up today to join the John McCain 2008 basketball brackets! Click here to see how your picks stack up against John McCain and be eligible for great McCain 2008 prizes. Your points will also go to your favorite college or university so you can show your support for your favorite team, even if they're not still playing!

Join in the fun at www.JohnMcCain.com/brackets today. While you're there, take a minute to learn more about John McCain's campaign for President of the United States, and how you can get involved.

John McCain has the experience, judgment and character to lead as Commander in Chief from day one. This is an exciting campaign and we hope you'll join us today. Visit JohnMcCain.com today to learn more and match your basketball bracket against his picks!

Click here to sign up to play!

More ways to get involved:

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