Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lately ain't all that interesting

I have to stay home today because Madison is running a fever. Amy took her home yesterday at about noon from daycare. She just wasn't herself. She still is running a fever and a cough. She is still energetic though.

Let's see, what exactly have we been up to lately?

I just don't feel the sense of chronicling my adventures lately when we have been so...ordinary. It's kind of appropriate we live in Normal, Illinois, right now.

Two Sundays ago, we went with my mother and my sister's family to see the Field Museum in Chicago. It was the first time Amy or Madison had ever been into the city proper. That was a fun day.

Oh yeah, last Friday we had to run all the way to Indianapolis. Seems we had a bit of trouble with our car. A payment got lost in the mail and they still had us listed as living in Nome, Alaska. They had never updated our information. So they took the car one fine morning. We have it back now, just had to jump through hoops.

I've just been reading a lot lately, nothing little pulp fiction books. Amy has been studying for her Series 7 test next month. Morgan and Madison are growing up into wonderful little girls.

Life is boring, but that's actually a very good thing.

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