Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl update

We're midway through the third quarter and the Bears are down 19-14.

Bears could not have gotten off to a better start, with Hester's return and an interception all within the first four minutes.

I just have to say thank goodness for the rain. Otherwise, the Bears may have been out of it entirely. All the turnovers have made it fun.

Grossman just slipped on the field and was sacked by McFarlane. How did the Bears get here with him? It's like every Chicago fan is scared to death when Grossman gets the ball, (he just slipped again), as if we are on bated breath as to not have him screw up too badly. It's not like anyone says, "Just wait'll our offense gets back out there."

The Prince halftime show was pretty good, I thought. I like that he used songs that weren't his.

The football pool had the same square win both quarters, Bears 4, Colts 6.

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