Wednesday, February 21, 2007


BERZERK had to be one of my favorite video games as a kid. Something about it. You are trying to escape while robots chase you down. Your imagination goes with this stuff. I swear, these old games, probably because of their limited picture enhancements, made you imagine a greater world in the game. You had to actually picture yourself as the main guy. The robots, or whatever came to get you, had to seem frightening in your mind. The imagination leapt forward, as if filling in the gaps that some of these games left behind in the details. The game seen now seems so utterly simplistic, like a kid's programming effort. However, it was one of the biggest games of its day.

Here, for posterity's sake, is the BERZERK game manual. Check out the cool pictures. Probably another thing that got me into comic books as a kid.

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