Thursday, February 08, 2007

Career Fair

Now why didn't they have stuff like this when I was in school?

We actually took the day, the SCHOOL DAY, to have career presentations from members of the Alaskan community. Not some Saturday or after school program, but the school day. The kids may have been a forced audience, but they were exposed to some great and viable options.

I was able to hang around my first period class all day through the fair. We cycled through different rooms every 25 minutes. And that was perfect--not too long and not too short.

First, we went to the colleges and universities room to learn about the four-year option of secondary education. (Every teacher had a different schedule and saw different presenters at different times.)

Second, we heard what CAMP was all about. That's the offshoot of the hospital that deals with preventing diabetes.

Third was the Nome Police Department.

Fourth, we were able to wander around all the tables that were set up in the RC. Freebies! And one-on-one discussions.

Fifth, we were exposed to dentistry, namely dental therapists and hygienists and staff.

Sixth, we heard all about AVTEC down in Seward. That's a great vocational school.

Seventh, we heard about early childhood development, especially educational options. We made paper helicopters to show how kids learn.

Eighth, we heard all about nursing.

Ninth, possible jobs in vocational rehabilitation.

Tenth, the Marines!

There were two more sessions that my group went to but I was relieved by another teacher for my prep period.

All in all, this was a fantastic day. All of these great options. It was great that most stressed that students must have at the very least a high school diploma. It was great because now that kids get to choose, they really need to hear all sorts more about these fields. It gets them thinking. I'm glad they took a day of school to make it seem important and worthwhile too.

They never did this for us in school.

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