Tuesday, February 06, 2007


How dare they?


I, for one, cringed at the Snickers ad during the Superbowl. Not for the fact that two men kissed. I cringed for the obvious homophobic overtones that are just degrading and disgusting in today's society.

The Americablog website linked above shows in exacting detail most of the debate over this. Snickers has even pulled the website completely and are now fending off suits from GLAAD, the Matthew Shepard organziation and others.

Downright vindictive and mean. Downright wrong. Shock value. That's all it was.

Those ad guys should never work again. They probably have college degrees. How could they not have taken the classes where you learn about this? How could Snickers (Mars Inc) have put the green light on this?

Damnit, and I like Snickers. No more Snickers for me. I protest for this blatantly abusive behavior.

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