Monday, December 04, 2006

The sunrise over the Arctic Circle as seen from a 1900 Bering Air plane from about 20,000 feet. We made it home today from Kotzebue after our Far North Conference regional tournament. We took second place, falling short of beating Barrow. The girls played so tough though. Everyone said so, even the coaches of the Mixed 6 teams that were also in Kotzebue for their Arctic Conference regional tournament. If it weren't for Barrow, last year's state champs and most probably repeating state champs this year, we'd probably be heading to State in Anchorage later this week. But we're not. I think we were shortchanged this year by not playing Barrow during the regular season in order to feel them out. Point Hope coach Glenn said that the second game we played against them was leaps and bounds better than the first game and if we could play them a third time, we'd probably take them. The season is over. I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow with no practice at 6 am to go to. I get to put in my request for stipend payment! I will miss these girls.

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