Sunday, December 17, 2006

Virus or what?

We don't know what the hell happened but our computer got sick Saturday afternoon. I was actually with the kids trying to put together our gingerbread house kit (which failed miserably and now we have chunks of gingerbread to just eat), and the screen on the computer went to some strange blue screen. It simply would not boot up anymore to Windows after repeated attempts and we scoured the apartment looking for the Recovery Disks. With a heavy heart, I went through the Recovery Disks, even though they were giving me a problem and I thought the entire computer crashed and burned. They went through, basically reformatting the entire system and deleting any and all stuff we had on the hard drive. All the pictures, gone. All our documents, gone. All the music, gone.

Stop right now and back up files on your hard drive. Do whatever you need to do, system recovery disks, move docs and files to a CD-R, whatever. Do it now.

Imagine everything on your computer being gone right now.

That was our Saturday night.

Luckily, we have most of our programs on hard copy CDs. I have a bunch of stuff saved to my other Yahoo email address (all I do is email myself files every so often--you get one GB of space, so why not? I think I am even going to open up a third Yahoo address).

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