Sunday, December 24, 2006

Big News, at least for me...

Independent Propaganda, the place I have been reviewing independent comics and webcomics, recently announced an off-shoot company website. It's called Ambrosia Digicomics and it will be a host for comics creators and webcomics. The amazing part for me is that I will be able to have a comics-related blog on the site because of my affiliation with IP since the beginning. I will be able to do little posts on comics, mainly to get them off The Butcher Shop here ('cuz no one reads them here anyway) and to do little posts in conjunction with full-on reviews at IP.

However, the big news here is that big-time fan favorite comic author WARREN ELLIS will also be publishing webcomics and a blog at the site. Anyone that knows comics has read this author of Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Fell, some Hellblazer, and multiple other comics from Marvel, DC, and indy publishers. This is a major coup for IP editor Wesley Green. Also, this means that my stuff may be seen and read more. That's all I want: a little dialogue and discussion about this crazy medium of comics.

I know I will never be able to quit my job to write comic reviews. I know that I will never be able to quit my job do any writing. Nevertheless, maybe it can become supplemental. No, I don't make any money right now but I do get a ton of free comics, print and electronic. It's what I love, dammit. I love this medium so much that I want to write about it and talk about it with others. It's what I know, especially after 25 years of reading comics. That's right, 25 years, one-quarter of a century, because I remember specifically getting several DC and Marvel comics back in the early 1980s. If others will read my column, that's all I want.

I, Matt Butcher, will be featured on the same site as Warren Ellis. This is a break. This means bigger and better things are coming.

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Brian said...

Very cool, man! Congrats, and Merry Christmas as well!