Monday, December 04, 2006

The New Era

So nice to sleep in to 6 am today. Ahhh. No more volleyball sucking up hours of my day. I love it, but, man, does it take up a lot of time.

I am finishing up Romeo and Juliet with the sophomores. They are also writing their personal narratives this week, and most of them are really into it. It is nice to write something, a story, that you yourself really want to tell the world about. I am also finishing up A Midsummer Night's Dream with the seniors. Then we are going to write an easy essay but concentrate wholly on the construction and MLA format of the essay, in preparation of college.

So I am looking to start something new and exciting. Something that is me. I plan on writing more comic reviews. One guy at Dark Horse Comics actually responded to my email, saying that if anything ever caught my interest to just let him know. That is super cool. I have also started reading Dante's The Inferno, part one of The (Divine) Comedy, and I am really rengrossed by it. I have been thinking to myself to get into more of the subtle backstory and notes of The Lord of the Rings and the rest of Tolkien's world, but then I got to thinking that that is a made up world. Let me explore my own world's back story and important derivative works. Next up will be the whole Paradise Lost by Milton that I have always wanted to read as a whole. Then I may get into some late 19th century novels that I have always wanted to read. That will keep me busy and learning.

Here's to learning. Here's to fun. Here's to only 14 school days before my two-week Christmas vacation!

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