Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Rainy and kinda chilly here in Nome today. Almost have to wear a coat. In August. I actually put a coat on Madison to take her to get her arm read after her TB shot on Monday (oh, THAT was fun going through shots!). Morgan said she was chilly.

I got a bunch of new comics to review from the Big Cheese at Independent Propaganda. These are all from new powerhouse Boom! Studios. Keith Giffen writes a bunch of them so I'm excited. I just got free comics, how could I not be excited! $28 cover price alone on what was sent to me! Reviewing is well worth it for that alone. All in all, I have received several trades and other comics, plus a few digital copies of comics to review. Lots of new stuff. This is what being a reviewer is all about. I'm not even looking to make money. Free comics will do it for me! I even won a signed copy of The Super Naturals #1 from Jam Packed.

I am about 28 pages into my thesis now. Now comes the real synthesis of the whole piece. I am about done going through the entire work of Tennyson's In Memoriam, all 133 poems, and how they relate to Kubler-Ross' stages of loss from her books On Death and Dying and On Grief and Grieving. Now I have to do some research on how Kubler-Ross' work is/was accepted and why it is universal. Then I have to make sure it is all cited perfectly according to MLA standards. Upon submission to the advisor, I have to be ready to re-do it after her edits. As many times until it gets right. I expect to re-write it at least, at the very least, twice. Gotta be done by the last day in October. Then I will have my masters degree in English. Whew.

Amy and I have a new show together! I just wrote about having my new show in Battlestar Galactica. Amy had watched a couple of episodes of this VERONICA MARS show and told me to get the DVDs from Netflix. I did. After two discs, I am completely hooked now too. It is awesome having a show together. The only previous show we watched together really were my videotapes of the 1970s "I, Claudius" mini-series starring my all-time favorite actor Derek Jacobi as well as numerous other fantastic actors like John Hurt as Caligula. Amy and I also watch, don't tell anyone, the Flavor of Love show on VH1. We are a little too excited about this new season of it. It is hilarious to watch those people to me. It is the ultimate voyeurism. Almost as good as watching the opening episodes of American Idol when it comes on, when they make fun of all the bad singers.

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