Friday, August 11, 2006

Night Shift

I had a little job last night. Amy's friends at the maid service place where she has worked a few hours here and there has this new contract to strip the wax on the floors at the AC grocery store. I couldn't resist--$18 an hour! Only bad part is that it doesn't start until 10 pm. I didn't get home this morning until about 5:20 am. I wanted to start making sure to wake up at 6 am this week, getting prepared for school starting on the 17th (for teachers). Now my internal clock is really going to be off. This job is only supposed to last two more nights but I don't envy anyone that works nightshifts. Especially when everyone else around you works and lives regular hours. I simply could not pass up $18 an hour, even if I am on my hands and knees sometimes in order to scrub the floor along the sides where the machine can't reach. I think I would have balked at it for anything less. Not $18. I just made $126 last night. That goes straight into savings, although I may take a bit and get a few comics.

Digressing, I like this picture that I took at the park a few days ago. Madison climbed up those chains all by herself.

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