Thursday, August 17, 2006

First day of teacher inservices. Nice to see my name above a high school designation. Today is a bunch of data to compare and go over in preparation for the new school year. They are allowing much more of a teacher-to-teacher discourse this year instead of just listening to some presenter. This is wonderful. There are too many times when teaching is a solitary experience so having the discussions with my fellow teachers is amazing. Very encouraging too. My goal is to have nothing but positive thoughts. I want to turn off any negativity I might feel and just meet the challenges head on. When it comes down to it, especially comparing it to last week when I was stripping the wax off a grocery store floor at 3:30 am, this is a wonderful job. Plus, I get to visit my passion in Shakespeare more this year than last year. Sophomore English alone will probably see Julius Caesar and Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet if they didn't have it in ninth grade. Gotta find out. I just think that if a kid can decipher Shakespeare, he or she can decipher any written text. Lots of hands on and acting invloved in it too. 06-07 school year coming up!

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