Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kids come on Monday!

Been busy setting up my classroom all day today. Tomorrow is more of the same. Thank goodness they give us these two work days, and before a weekend!, to get ready for the kids coming on Monday. Perfect set up.

I am excited because I have a new classroom this year. There's a window and everything! Put up some posters I got from the Teaching Tolerance site with good quotations and inspirations. Spent time putting together my first week's lessons too.

This is the best part--the lessons! I get to do literature again this year! I get to do some Shakespeare! And my Senior English IV class is pretty much a British literature class. This will be the first time teaching Beowulf and Chaucer, among others, so I just can't wait. This is the stuff that got me into being an English teacher anyway! The Sophomores will be nice too. Especially now that I have that canned writing unit to supplement with some reading material, I can really focus on the students. I will get to teach them Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet too. Also looking into ordering a set of Lowry's The Giver.

Plus, news of all news today:

My advisor at National University accepted my thesis! I now have a Masters degree in English! I just have to go through the official graduation requirements and I will be able to sign my name like this:
Matthew J. Butcher, M.A. I won't, but it is cool to look at.

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