Monday, August 21, 2006

I finally took a look at my volleyball schedule for the upcoming season. Practice should start mid-September. The weekend listed as 'OPEN' on November 3rd actually should have been Hooper Bay on the coast of the Yukon Delta. But they had a bit of a problem several weeks ago. Some kids were playing with matches below the school somehow and 35 buildings went up in flames, including the school. We only have one set of real home games this year, not including the Mixed 6 tournament. The Mixed 6 isn't really our stuff anyway since they raise the net to accomodate the boys playing, so I don't put a whole lot of emphasis on it. We don't field boys during the tournament. This is just another thing I have on my plate, creating a volleyball practice regiment, etc. But it's fun. No Barrow this year, I'm surprised at that. I won't see them until the Far North Conference. They are the defending state champs and this year, we would have to beat them outright to go to state.

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