Saturday, May 27, 2006

Supreme dumb ass of the universe

It says right on all the materials I have ever received from the state: "Certificate holders are responsible for knowing and satisfying certification requirements."

I took my Praxis I test too late--the test of basic skills. I actually took one in Illinois way back in like 1994. The scores took too long to get there. My initial certificate here in Alaska actually expired this month. They needed to get those scores by the expiration date in order to continue my certificate the next two years.

Now I have to reapply. I have to send in the $191 again. I have to send Northern Illinois University another flipping $5 for an official transcript.

I am so mad at myself. If I had my act together, I would have taken the test when it was offered earlier, back in the beginning of March. All this could have been avoided. It was my extremely bad mistake.

I feel like a true dipshit.

However, this is one of those occasions that reminds me to push due dates on students. "See, this is what happens," I would say. "This mistake is going to cost me application fees again. There is no waiver here. This is the State we're talking about."

I'm upset and mad at my own stupidity.

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