Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Position

Hey, I haven't even mentioned this here.

I am the new sophomore English teacher at Nome-Beltz High School next year.

I put in for the transfer when I found that another teacher was voluntarily leaving because of moving away. Luckily, it all worked out. They hired a married couple to fill the junior high social studies and writing positions and that allowed me to move up to what I do best. High school English and getting them prepared for the sophomore test called the HSGQE that they must pass in order to graduate.

I can do full Shakespeare plays again! I can do novels again! It was so hard to structure a writing class without a major text behind it.

I am so excited!

Now I just have to worry that my PRAXIS scores come within the four week timeframe to make sure my certificate stays up to date. I may actually have to reapply from scratch, dammit.

(That's one thing about being a teacher--there are so many certificate requirements and further education requirements that you have to meet.)

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