Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The other side of the mountain

Last week we took a drive around. We saw the other side of that mountain out our back window. The rock formations are really interesting here. The one is locally known as "House Rock." We actually thought it was a house while we were driving. If we had kept going down this road, we would have reached Teller, a little village. It is about seventy miles away but on this dirt road, I don't know if you could do more than 40 miles an hour at best. It would take a while. We plan on doing the drive once this coming summer. We plan on doing a lot of exploring this coming summer.

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Anonymous said...

hey mr butcher. you know that rock thingy, my family calls that the flinstone house. Because when we first moved here when we went for a drive when we first saw it we thought it looked like the flinstone house. cool huh? well i gotta check out the rest of your blog