Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A new Star Wars movie

They've finally gone and done it. They are now making the movie without any real people to get in the way.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Since at least three-quarters of the prequels were computer-generated anyway, just go ahead and make the whole movie a cartoon. Albeit, a good-looking one.

I am ambivalent towards the endeavor right now. Lots of pent-up frustration over the prequel trilogy yet lots of anticipation for what could be a cool Star Wars tale.

Don't get me wrong--I really do like the Star Wars universe. I have read comic books and novels with other adventures that aren't part of the "canon" and still enjoyed them.

My only real question here is: Why do a Star Wars Episode 2.5?

It takes place between Episode 2 and 3, before Anakin becomes Darth Vader. According to, George Lucas is credited with the story and not the screenplay (although I honestly wonder if this is not an honorary credit).

Here's my dilemma--George Lucas AGAIN tinkers with his ultimate plan for the Star Wars movies. Is this a necessary tale to tell? Will it give us any enlightenment and if so, why weren't elements of it put into the prequel trilogy? Is this now a four-movie trilogy (wow, Douglas Adams would be laughing right now--remember his five-book trilogy Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?)

Also, it is known that this movie will pave the way for a fall cartoon television series on The Cartoon Network and TNT. How will that work? More stories set during the prequel trilogy?

Hey, Mr. Lucas! Get on with the rest of the story! We all knew as kids that there were supposed to be nine installments. Could you please start on Episode 7? Please!

(Picture swiped from Lucasfilm by way of USAToday, 7-23-08.)

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