Monday, July 14, 2008

China is as Orwellian as ever, even on a global scale

China even wants to extend its Orwellian practices on a global scale.

A newspaper called THE AGE reports in an article titled "Beijing's pledge of media freedom sounding distinctly Orwellian" that media coverage will probably edit out any bad things that might happen.

Chinese authorities have ordered a 10-second delay for Games broadcasts to avoid
"undesirable" incidents — such as protests or anti-Chinese slogans — being
viewed by the domestic masses, according to Hong Kong's Ming Pao daily

My God. In order to prevent the outside world from seeing anything related to a protest, they will delay and then remove any bad things.

Last night, we were watching a bit of Lou Dobbs on CNN and I said to my daughter Morgan, "Just remember how free you are right now, that this guy can call Bush and his administration all these names, and he is allowed to do it and you are allowed to watch it." I went on to explain and talk about these basic freedoms, how in some countries you would be shot or put away for life. I could see some unbelief in her eyes but I know she knows it's true.

This is another reason I teach the novel 1984.

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