Monday, June 02, 2008

X-Files in Nome

Gotta love references to Nome in media.

The first season episode of The X-Files entitled "Ice" has our intrepid FBI agents Mulder and Scully going north to Alaska to investigate something dug up out of the ice.

Mulder says, "We leave tomorrow for Nome." Picture is a snapshot from the DVD. He then traces a line north to the non-fictional town of Icy Cape, up near Wainwright.

The episode also lists the agents landing at "Doolittle Airfield" in Nome. However, no such airfied exists. It is interesting to note that Doolittle was the aviation mastermind behind the Tokyo bombings after Pearl Harbor--he spent eight years of his youth in Nome, Alaska, at the turn of the twentieth century.

I have dug up that the location was:

Delta Park, 120th Street, Surrey: [standng in for] Doolittle Airfield, Nome, Alaska.

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