Friday, June 13, 2008

The Ultimate Reality Show--American President

This has been brought up before. I think they even made a movie around the concept but I can't remember what it was called.

What if they did the United States Presidency as a reality show?

In a way, they do, what with this screwed up primary system. (The concept of Superdelegates really freaks me out on a democratic freedom level.) But I have an ultimate test for the last two candidates.

Solve the gas crisis.

Any way, any how. Bring down either the price of gas or fix it so we don't need so much gas.

I'm backing McCain, but I would vote, in a heartbeat, for Obama if he solved it. They are both United States Senators. They both lead their respective parties. They have the power now. So DO IT.

We have over four months til the election. They can work with gas companies; work with big oil; work with governments foreign, national, and local; they can work with car companies to finally either create a car that gets 100+ miles to the gallon or a completely alternative fuel; they can drill in ANWR or offshore; they can do anything they can to get the gas crisis under control.

I would vote for either candidate that can do that right now. All of America would love to back that kind of leadership.

So I submit to Senator McCain and Senator Obama: Solve the gas crisis and prove you have what it takes to lead this country.

Or, if it is completely impossible, start telling us that now. That would be honest.

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Donny said...

Vote for McSame and you will get 4 more years of Bush policies (or lack thereof). Don't believe it? Research his voting just the past year in Congress. He follows the party line almost 95% of the time. He is on record as wanting to stay in Iraq for 100 more years. He doesn't care...but you should. It's the failed policy of occupying Iraq coupled with the few remaining oil company execs (read consolidation) that has helped to drive oil to where it is now. Obama is on record as saying he will windfall profit tax thesec companies as well as invest in alternative energy. McSame is not. Also, check out McSame's involvement with the Keating Five scandal back in the 80s. If you really want to vote for YOUR best interests, do not vote for four more years of Bush. Vote for Obama and you'll see the change you're looking for.