Monday, May 28, 2007

Ben Folds Experience

Hello Matt,

Happy Memorial Day weekend from the Ben Folds Experience camp!

We're starting to piece together an incredible event for Ben Folds' fans, and we want to make sure you don't miss out on the fun. We've had a ton of response for this once in a lifetime opportunity, but it's not too late to get in on the pre-sale action if you haven't already!

First, we have some exciting artist news to share: Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls and Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide will be joining Ben on the event. It only gets better from here, people.

In order to maximize the number of fans we can fit in during the pre-sale, we've extended the RSVP date to May 30! Almost a full week to tell your friends and RSVP for this killer event.

If you've already RSVP'd for the priority pre-sale, thanks! Additional info is coming soon.

If not, it's as simple as this...

Just visit and log in using the Sixthman ID (SXM-831658) and your password. If you've never logged in before your password is set as your 8-digit date of birth. For someone born on March 3, 1970 the password would be '03031970'.

Once you log in, there are no extra buttons to click - simply logging into your account sends an RSVP alert to us. However, once you login to your account, you'll be able to update all of your personal information and store credit card information. Saving your details now will enable you to place a reservation much more quickly later.

Everyone who RSVPs by Midnight ET on May 30 will be issued a pre-sale "token" which will be sent out by June 4. A token is like a key that unlocks the booking system early for you.

Please visit the Frequenty Asked Questions page to learn more about the particulars of the event or feel free to contact us by calling 404-525-0222 or utilizing our real-time live support page by clicking HERE.

While you're barbecuing and enjoying the great weather this weekend with your friends and family, be sure to talk it over; we hope you'll all be able to join us!

Sixthman / Ben Folds Experience
158 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta GA 30316
404-525-0222 / 877-SIXTHMAN (Mon-Fri 10a-6p ET)

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