Monday, May 21, 2007

Single digits

That's right, less than 10 days until my family and I leave Nome for the Lower 48. We have enjoyed our time here; it is just time to go home. I haven't lived in Illinois since 1999. Just time to go home.

We have been so busy this last month. Top it all off with our home PC laptop failing on us--it simply refuses to boot up--and my school laptop flaking out on me. I had to go use a lab computer when I had to finish this semester stuff. And we are packing and preparing to move too. Blogging has not been the highest priority. I do miss it. I have so much liked just typing my thoughts and more. I was never able to keep a journal growing up so now I feel like I'm finally doing it.

I have to bring my camera in--I climbed Anvil Mountain again Friday night and as I crested the top I saw about a dozen musk ox and five of their new babies.

Four more days left of school. Nine more in Nome. Isn't this exciting? It is like opening up a new book about my life, here coming up. I have loved traveling. Nobody can ever take it away from me.

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Brian said...

For as much crap as I love to give you, I have to tip my hat to you for doing something I have as of yet been unable to do, and that is move out of this damn state.

See you sometime this summer? Try and come see Julius Caesar if you can. June 27th - 30th.