Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nanook Volleyball

Nanook volleyball

Volleyball starts up Monday night. I am excited and nervous and apprehensive again, all rolled into one. However, I will tell you that I am more ready this year than last year, by far.

Varsity/JV tryouts will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evening from 6-8pm. I am already writing up my plans and scoresheets for those three days. Varsity will be posted Thursday, no practice. Then Friday, JV and Varsity pretty much split up for good this year. Varsity will practice in the mornings from 6-8. JV will practice on the other side of the gym from wrestling practice from 4-6pm. Maybe some get-togethers and scrimmages, but practices will be differentiated by far this year. That’s cool by me because then I will only have to concentrate on the twelve members of Varsity.

Doing something a bit different this year too. Tryouts are definitely going to be scored a little more. I am making up these little spreadsheets to score the players every night. The new JV coach will score with me and we’ll go over the scores together, just to make sure that we both analyze and work with each other’s input. Male JV coach this year and that means I will have to find female chaperones on all the trips, ugh.

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