Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I don't know what to make of the new NBC show called HEROES yet. The pilot was lackluster and slowly paced. I like the concept alone and believe that this would be the way that superheroes, or humans simply with extraordinary abilities, would come upon us. There would be no flashy red capes and glittering spandex. They would be the everyman, and some would not believe in their own newfound powers and indeed get freaked out by them. The problem with HEROES, as this reviewer from The Washington Post points out, is that "NBC's derring-doers come in with a whimper." This is the kind of show that I want to succeed, that I want to see, yet it bored even me at times. One of the curses of superhero comic book readers is that we've seen it all before. I hope this show picks up fast, a lot faster than last season's ABC sci-fi epic called INVASION that had such promise but bored me to tears because it never moved forward. If HEROES is slow, as this reviewer says for the first three episodes, no one is going to stick around.

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