Friday, June 30, 2006

We've had a couple of crappy weather weeks here in Nome. Amy's mom came up the absolute perfect week weather-wise. It has been foggy for days on end and has not gotten much above 45 degrees. This is nice, actually. I've always hated the hot weather during the sweltering Chicago summers. Seattle was a good switch because hot was only 90 degrees or so. We like it here, wearing light jackets. Sure, it has gotten cold during the winters, but it is fun most of the time. Morgan got her full share of snow that she always wanted. In fact, in late May, she said she was sick of snow. We really like it here. We like the small town. We like the fact that we can't just run out for fast food burgers when we're hungry. Look at that wonderful family--who wouldn't be happy with that?

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