Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Iron Chef Mom

We watch a lot of Food Network here in the Butcher household. It is amazing that out of the myriad channels we have on our GCI Cable system that nothing much is ever on. I always think of that Bruce Springsteen song "57 Channels": "Fifty-seven channels and nothing on...Fifty-seven channels and nothing on." Food Network provides easy entertainment most of the time, especially easy entertainment that with our busy and hectic life we don't have to watch every single second of the shows. Watch for a minute, play with the kids for a minute. Watch for a minute, do something else. You don't miss much. It is a lot easier than watching a movie in this house, that's for sure. Plus, the whole family likes it.

Morgan and I always liked watching IRON CHEF. The original Japanese one is great, especially with the "Chairman" biting into that pepper with that smug grin. Then they came up with IRON CHEF AMERICA with Iron Chefs that seem to get beaten pretty regularly. It's fun stuff.

I have an idea. Instead of the menus with some strange and rare ingredient, why don't they do normal stuff? I saw an Iron Chef America the other day with hamburger, which is close to what really goes on in households. I want more of that. What I really want is them to take it one step further and kind of combine IRON CHEF AMERICA with Rachel Ray's 30 MINUTE MEALS.

I want them to make IRON CHEF MOM.

Wouldn't that be something? Regular moms having to make a meal for their family in 30-or-so minutes with whatever ingredients are provided to them? The judges could be a real quasi-family with a spouse and kids (they could change it to IRON CHEF DAD when appropriate).

That would give me some real ideas on what to do when at 6 pm I am looking around wondering what to create for dinner.

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