Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Madison's Third

Today is Madison's third birthday.

When I woke her up this morning, I patted her back and asked her if she knew what day it was.

She lifted up her head. With the hair falling down around her eyes, she triumphantly said, "It's my birthday!"

Played her the two birthday tradition songs we play around our house, Beatles' "Birthday" from the White Album and Cracker's "Happy Birthday to Me", as she opened up her first present of the day. She really loves Mermaids right now so she got a package of two Barbie-Bratz type Mermaidia figures. She loved them so much she wouldn't leave them at home when we had to bring her over to daycare.

Three years old. Where did the time go? I remember the feelings and emotions exactly on that morning she was born.

Three years have gone by fast.

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