Saturday, April 22, 2006

Brevity is the Soul of Wit

In the interest of being brief, I must say that I have not posted here as often as I would like to lately.

I have plenty to say, and even plenty to reference. I want to talk about life, the universe, and everything.

This thesis for my Masters is starting to consume me. I am at that stage where doing anything outside of reading for my thesis or researching gets put to the side. No fun stuff for me lately.

I will be up for a long while tonight. I told my thesis advisor that my second chapter (don't ask me why, but they start with the second chapter known as "Review of the Literature") would be done for tomorrow night but I have yet to write a single word.

Father. Husband. Teacher. Then comes student.

I really hope I finish this by the end of May. The paper is supposed to be about 45 pages. However, if I don't finish in two months, I receive Incomplete and actually get a six-month extension to remove the Incomplete. With June removing the "Teacher" role, that may be a viable option.

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