Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Boca Java's Boca Sunrise blend

I’ve never been one for a lot of stuff in my coffee. It may have come from the famous phrase of
the short-lived television show Twin Peaks where The Agent used to take
his coffee “Black as midnight on a moonless night.” Most probably it
stems from the fact that the offices I have worked in always had
coffee but ran out of creamer and sugar awfully fast. Anyway, I
learned to love coffee pitch black and simple.

The problem with black coffee is that you can go through a lot of bad
cups. Sometimes you have to stomach the ubiquitous and ever-present
grocery brands. While not entirely bad, they are not entirely good
either. That is why when I found Boca Java, I decided that since I
drank coffee as if an I.V. were attached to my arm, I ought to start
drinking some good stuff.

I was not disappointed. First of all, I tried the super-cheap sampler
set. Enticingly, I had to start with something called “Boca Sunrise,”
which the label says is their “signature blend” and “one of the best
cups of coffee you will ever drink!” Those are boastful words about a

First of all, I poured a cup of this coffee and noticed the inviting
aroma. It was not too strong or pungent, but seemed to ask to be

The taste was full of this light yet full coffee flavor. It was not
bitter, as some coffees get. It did not taste as if it was trying too
hard. It simply tasted like coffee. This is the kind of blend that you
can take out for company and know that everyone will be pleased. I
don’t know about you, but I have found that to be rather rare.

Boca Java’s Boca Sunrise blend performed admirably for that wake up
blend and for that afternoon pot after getting home from teaching. As
simple coffees go, this one is simple yet retains that complex feeling
of a lot of work behind it to get it that way.

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