Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Trapped in the ice

Like a bad nightmare, we are trapped in school. This is the stuff of junior lit novels.

School was not cancelled today. Even with a light snow, the 30+ mph winds have blanketed the area. There is massive whiteout.

At midmorning, they changed the school day to a minimum day, to end at 2pm. Conditions worsened. Buses stopped running at noon because the police have called the roads too unsafe for travel. I think Morgan is still trapped down at the elementary school. They stopped ringing the bells and are keeping the students in their classes.

We don't know when buses will run again. We are in a holding pattern. I have my sixth period seventh graders, thank goodness my best bunch of kids by far, and a few of Mr. Buchanan's kids. He took an early convoy to the twelve-mile out subdivision of Dexter at 1pm so we divided up his kids.

I am envisioning a slumber party for grades 7-12. I could write a book.

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