Thursday, March 23, 2006


There is a strong possibility that I may get to move up to high school next year.

One of the English teachers is moving out of the area. I put in my transfer request immediately. I am best qualified of those already here because I am certified 7-12 and highly qualified in the subject matter, per state guidelines and their definition of "highly qualified."

That would work best. I did 9-12 before for three years and think it is my perfect fit. This new position would be for sophomore level mostly, exactly what I have been trained for. That is the grade level where they have to worry about the state-required HSGQE test that is one of the graduation requirements. They must pass it to graduate. With my training grading the Washington state test and with writing rubrics (not to mention that I would get the reading and literature component back into my life!!), this would be a great fit for the district.

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