Saturday, March 18, 2006

The coolest thing that happened was when we met Lance Mackey. My family loved that one picture that I took of him coming up the hill into Nome so much that we printed a couple of photos off to have him sign. We are going to frame one and Amy's dad is going to get one. He looked at it closely, making sure it was him, and then asked us where we got it. He probably thought it was a commercial photo. We told him that I took it and then he said to us, "Oh, I was going to ask where I could get one!" Amy and I will be at the banquet tomorrow night so we said we'd bring him one. He also wrote on the back of one of those little yellow bumper stickers there his address in case we missed him at the banquet. That is pretty neat that he liked my picture. It's been my desktop image for a couple of days now--perfect for a desktop photo. And now I have his signature on it. His father and brother both won the Iditarod before and he himself beat cancer a few years ago.

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