Sunday, March 05, 2006

Today's activities

I love Saturdays. Now more than ever with Amy being off for the weekend with her bank job. No schedule. No immediate hurry. Lay low and do what you wanna do.

Madison woke us up this morning because she couldn't sleep anymore. If she can't sleep, that means we shouldn't be sleeping either. Made a pot of coffee and did a bit of reading. Managed to snag me a copy of Gaiman and McKean's "children's" book called The Wolves in the Walls and was able to just enjoy it. I love McKean's art and just like to get lost in it. It is easy to see with a book like this how the artist really moves the story just as much as the writer. And this was scary too, to the point where I don't see how it's listed as a children's book. Size and length, maybe.

We went to the stores. AC Grocery and Hanson's Safeway. Fun to get out. Madi loves to just go bye-bye, doesn't matter where it is. Morgan wants to be out more too. (Sometimes, you can sense how cabin fever works in The Shining. Not that I am going to hatchet anybody up or anything.) The roads were all right to go out even though there was a bit of wind. Got some Lincoln Logs that the girls spent half the night with. Old toys are the best.

Amy made her homemade macaroni and cheese with the Cheese-It crust. Yum.

I took Morgan and her friend Ci-Ci (short for Cecilia and I just realized that I have no idea how to spell her nickname--I have to look into this) to the movies. They originally thought it was Curious George but apparently that comes next week. This week is that remake of The Pink Panther starring Steve Martin. They wanted to see it! I got stuck in a snow drift on the way home as I tried to take the bypass road home. Drifts really blow fast here. I didn't even know I hit the drift until I was in it. I managed to get out but turned left as quickly as I could to get back into the better plowed roads of town. The bypass road doesn't have any buildings blocking the wind or snow.

Then we stayed in. We watched for the first time a couple episodes of the Discovery Channel's Survivorman that were pretty cool. Guy strands himself in some remote place on earth for seven days and just survives. Neat idea. I actually wished it was a hour-long show, not just half an hour.

Now I am just chilling, trying to fight the monster of sleep.

Sorry, buddy. I never saw your comment:

Hey - have you been reading the "justice" DC mini series? Gotta love Alex Ross!

I love Alex Ross. I wish he had been around for Alan Moore's Watchmen. I think that would have added another realistic flair to it.

Justice is new and different. I managed to snag copies of #1, #2, and #4. I appreciate it when comic creators treat villains that are smart and worthy of respect. I'm enjoying it.

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