Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer School

Ah, yes, teaching summer school. Cramming a whole semester into two weeks. Ahh. Just seems like America, eh?

It’s good money though. I have the kids working hard, with a set list of things to accomplish. And I just sit back and help when they need it. The only hard part is the grading, especially the worksheets. Takes forever to grade those.

However, to keep me sane at home, I have found several awesome browser-based internet games that are sort of like Age of Empires.

Evony at

Travian at

EV Online (a space game!) at

I love turn-based games. I actually played a bit of postal games where you mailed in your moves. Did one about gangs—can’t remember the name—and plenty of postal chess. The cool thing with these games is that you can update your city and it works while you are away. You only have to login every once in a while, if you want.

Friends from NOME! The Wehdes came by to visit us for the week. The were in Minnesota anyway visiting family and since Morgan has really kept up with the two girls by IM and email, they came down to visit.

And I am going to do volleyball again. Head Varsity coach for Midland High School. I must be nuts. No, I’m kidding, it will be a great time. Actually, probably a better time than Nome considering the away travel in Alaska every weekend. I will only have two Saturdays here. That’s what I think was so long about the Nome season is that it was almost seven days a week every week.
There’s a schedule!

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