Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Found Rare Hitchcock

Found it!

I have been looking for this off and on for years. In my quest to watch all Hitchcock-directed movies and TV shows, I finally found a copy of this TV episode. It is from a show called Suspicion from 1960, an episode entitled "Four O'Clock."

It is now in Public Domain and available for download at the Internet Archive. They also have a few more of his films.

Now I just need to keep working on finding some of his really early and really rare stuff to watch.

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ronnen10 said...

1. Waltzes from Vienna is now available on ebay.
2. I would be very happy if you could tell me if you actually found any of:
Watchtower over Tomorrow 1945
The Fighting Generation 1944
Mary 1931
An Elastic Affair 1930
Elstree Calling 1930
Always Tell Your Wife 1923
The Mountain Eagle 1926
If so - please let me know by mail -
Thank you.