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REVIEW: THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS Published By Top Cow Productions
Posted in Reviews by Wesley Green on the March 21st, 2007
Reviewed by Matt Butcher / Writer for Independent Propaganda
Written by Dan Wickline
Proceeds go to HERO Initiative
Contributors: Mike Mayhew, Dean White, David Hedgecock, Daniel Cooney, Ben Templesmith, Nat Jones, Billy Martinez, Taki Soma, Josh Medors, Marat Mychaels, Rafael Navarro, Homeros Gilani, Dietrich Smith, Butch Adams, Rich Stahnke, Mark Dos Santos, Tone Rodriguez, Chris Moreno

The simple premise behind this collection is much better than anything I have read in a long, long time. Two buddies meet for dinner and discuss one’s current comic book prospects. While a fun romp through the industry, it is also a jeering prod to the comics industry.

The writing by Dan Wickline is terrific. He has a superb handle on dialogue that reminded me of the best scenes of CLERKS. Even though our intrepid diners only sit in a booth eating dinner for many panels spread throughout the book, the reader is totally wrapped up in their conversation. This is powerful stuff as the pictures don’t distract us from the words that occur between these two. I felt like I was sitting in the booth having dinner with them, just talking away with my best friends. The camaraderie you feel while reading this book feels like best friendship.
Then the highlighted artists get to showcase their talents in spectacular fashion. Great work is presented by these both new and developed talents. There was not a bad panel in the whole book.
The themes hit upon in this compilation are for those who have read comics their whole lives. Many of the jokes and discussions on the industry, and on being a fanboy in general, will be doubly fun to those who know the industry inside and out. From Lovecraft to Buffy to Gaiman to Vertigo to Queer Eye for the Superhero Guy, there is something sarcastically wonderful throughout.

This is a fantastic book. Do not pass by The Unusual Suspects.

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