Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Break

Christmas Break. Those are two words that every teacher loves to hear. It is simply one of the main perks of the job. Two weeks off at Christmas. I don't go back until January 7th. Aahhhh!

So I wasted some time today...and loved every minute of it. "I didn't do anything and it was everything I thought it could be," said the dude from Office Space. I watched some episodes of the old 80s cartoon Voltron on the Netflix Watch Now. Then I popped in a $1 double-feature DVD I borrowed from my dad, Tales of the Undead with Atom Age Vampire and Revolt of the Zombies. Both crap. Some good ideas, some good comic book ideas, that is, and little else. The plots read like a five page story from one of the old EC horror comics. That's really all they are. Atom Age Vampire really isn't even a vampire at all, but a genetics experiment that requires more and more cells. Revolt of the Zombies, from 1936, barely has anything that a modern audience would even deem a "zombie," as one researcher, yearning to impress a dame, finds a hypnosis-like power in ancient Angkor. So they're not zombies, they are just hyp-no-tized. Sometimes, I am amazed at the movies that have ever gotten green-lighted. Once they were done, didn't they watch the movie and wonder if anybody would even like it? Didn't they ever, even for a moment, think to themselves, "My goodness, that's crap." I have written things and done things I know are crap--I guess I can at least admit it. But what am I bitching about...they at least made a movie, something I have never done. But would I feel good about it if I did crap?

Other than that, I will be reading a couple books over break. I have been told to read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott by my wife. It is one of her favorites and one of the Freshmen literature circle choices but I have never read it before. Amy told me, "Don't be sexist," and she's right.

I borrowed a dozen or so movies from Dad's Video (that's the nickname I give to his massive collection down in the basement). I borrow some and give them back whenever.

Also, I will be writing more for Independent Propaganda. I need to try to make the site more viable, more alive. I need to put up more reviews. I just got a shipment from Arcana Studios comic book company.

So I have plenty to do to keep me busy. Plus, the kids will be home, for the most part. Madison will go back to pre-school for a few days, just to stay used to it, plus we're paying for the month anyway. Morgan will be here to keep me company. Amy, unfortunately, has to work, so I try not to rub it in. But...aahhhh!...two weeks off at Christmas. Gotta love it.

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