Monday, January 16, 2012

DC already cancelling 6 books from new relaunch

I knew it:

Sorry, DC, but I knew it. You put too much product out on the market and killed good books.

It is reported here that books Static Shock, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., Men of War, Blackhawks, and Hawk and Dove are cancelled. I could've told you that, and unfortunately, this does not mean anything against the creators.

So now we get yet another Batman book, Batman Incorporated, by Grant Morrison so that one should be okay. It's Batman.

Also--and check me if I'm the complete idiot here--G.I. Combat gets a go. Uh, didn't they just cancel two war books?? See, the blending that I predicted has started.

World's Finest is just another team-up book. Supposed to not concentrate on Superman or Batman but I bet they'll both be in it by issue #10--it's a bet. I have just never understood why they don't just save these team-ups for the regular individual mags.

Dial H is a concept that we laughed at back in the 80s. I give this six issues--see, this could be a team-up in another mag, see if that sells like hotcakes, then give it a solo title.

Earth 2 written by James Robinson sounds really really cool if you are into DC. This should have been in the original relaunch.

The Ravagers will fail monstrously quickly, no offense. This should just be a subplot in another book, like Superboy or the Teen Titans.

See, what DC doesn't get is that the market is completely glutted. And since comics now take more and more issues to tell a single story, we don't have the freaking money to try new comics.

For instance, and I have to rant here. I recently read the issues of the newest The Brave and the Bold that featured Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and The Stranger. Good little story. But it took four issues. Four times $2.99 is way too much for this story, I'm sorry, and I really liked it. I remember when a story like this was told, with all sorts of text, in two issues or less. Now they are just drawing out the story.

Now we have 52 monthly titles at $2.99 or more? And that's just DC. Heaven forbid you try any independent comics for a change.

My prediction is already coming true, DC.

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